Why generosity works (for me)

I was first introduced to the idea of generosity as a boost for mental health a few years ago when I trained to be a Sources of Strength mentor. The foundation of Sources of Strength is their "SOS Wheel" This was the first time that I learned that were was scientific evidence for the idea... Continue Reading →

Not Your Franken-beauty

Not Your Franken-beauty - by Bree ErvinTW: body image, self-harm, eating disorders I look in the mirror and start to pickmyself apart. I am too muchand too littlenot enoughabundantly full. If only I could keep my ankles,but with her calves;my hands and shoulders,those biceps and forearms;my thighs, her ass;that flat stomach,with those round hips;that nose,... Continue Reading →

Mourning Light

by Bree Ervin I woke up this morningsadbroken hearted.Angry at the world.Tired of individuals taking the falltaking the credit for systemsbuilt over centuriesbuilt over bodiesbuilt on oppressionof the manyfor the benefitof the fewalready at the topof the game.Their game built on the backson the boneson the sweatand the soulsof the people deemeduseful(expendable )essential(disposable)mere fodder for... Continue Reading →

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