Week whatever – Outrunning my brain

Hahahaha - so, it turns out I am terrible at routines. I know this, and yet I keep trying. So... I was doing well with the whole daily wake up, work out with yoga or punching bag or whatever thing and running 3 days a week with my crew - until the time change. That... Continue Reading →

Week 2 – Keeping it going

This week, an interesting article about the exercise/movement habits of indigenous people kept coming up. It debunks some modern myths about exercise, sitting, and staying healthy. One of my key takeaways was that while it's been really helpful for me to be intentional about moving/exercising in specific ways everyday, it might actually be more important... Continue Reading →

Week 1 Back to Fitness

Trying to decide how to document my journey back to fitness in a way that is helpful to me and supportive of others who are engaging in a similar journey, and I think I want to try just posting a weekly update - what I did, how it felt, any struggles, etc. Here goes. Sunday... Continue Reading →

Starting over with fitness

I am 5 weeks post Covid-19. I had a mild case - this time around I didn't get the bad cough, but I still have some shortness of breath and sometimes, for no reason we can figure out it feels like someone is trying to squeeze my heart in an iron grip. Sometimes that lasts... Continue Reading →

Breathe in – stay lifted

Yesterday my family and I went boating on Boyd Lake with my brother-in-law and nephew on their little speed boat. We planned to go for 2 hours, which became 4, which became sunburns and sore muscles. How do you get sore muscles speed boating? Easy, sign up to get dragged around behind the boat while... Continue Reading →

Miller Rock – A 6 Mile View

This morning the hubs and I woke up, ate a quick breakfast, made a couple of sandwiches and headed into the mountains with the doggo. I had just learned that we'd been doing our favorite hike all wrong for the past 8 years, and I wanted to remedy that. I'd been exploring some short, quick... Continue Reading →

One Day at a Time

I'm starting this near the beginning. Two weeks into the story, a story that I hope lasts several years. I'm in training, you see, for a walk across America. The walk isn't scheduled for another 6 years, so I have plenty of time, but also, I'll be pushing 47 when we set out, so... I... Continue Reading →

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