Week 4 and 5 – Do meetings count as exercise?

Monday – attempted Yoga for Courage, but it was too slow moving for my needs, so I threw on my boxing gloves and went a couple rounds with my punching bag. Did a couple sets of pushups and crunches, and tried to get my head ready to face this week, consoled by the knowledge that I have my afternoon run today. Clearly I have become a runner. What!?!
Reader – I did not get my afternoon run. I got meetings instead! *lolsob*

Tuesday – Having learned a thing or two from Monday, I started my day with a 45 minute Deepen and Flow bit from Adriene. It had some good full body stretches, which I need because I have some serious tight spots. It also had a bunch of heart openers, which per my reflection last week, seemed like a good way to start my Tuesday. This turned out to be a winning move since the rest of my day was filled with… meetings!

Wednesday – Tried to work the stress buildup out of my neck and shoulders with a little Yoga for Tension Relief. Unfortunately, I forgot that for Adriene, there is relief in stillness, whereas for me, stillness is where the tension hides and metastasizes… So, during the 11 minutes of “sitting in a comfortable seat,” I instead did some twists and bends for about 4 minutes and then skipped ahead to where I thought the tension relieving movement began. This is all to say that if stillness works for you – groovy, try this. If, like me, your peace of mind comes from movement of the body, you’ll probably want to miss this one. I’m hoping to do another video during my “break” today. If I find a good one, I’ll let you know. I should also, finally get my run.
I did indeed get my run!! 5K with my best running pal! I did not get in a second video, because… You guessed it, meetings during my plan block.

Thursday – As per usual, Thursday was a no-go day for me. I didn’t sleep well Wed. night, and woke up tired and grouchy. I had meetings and work to do during my plan block, and when the work day ended, I was just done.

Friday – This is usually my morning run with the squad, followed by yoga day, but alas, there was no school, which meant no squad. It was also 5 degrees out in the morning, so I decided to wait and run once the temp reached double digits. Of course by then, I was in full work “get it done” mode, so… I guess I flexed my typing muscles?

Saturday – Went to the mountains with the family. Spent an hour or so sledding, aka hiking up a hill over and over so we could fling ourselves back down it!

Sunday – Went snowboarding for several hours with the Biggun and the Hubby. When the Biggun tapped out, we took a break, and then the Hubby and I went back up for a couple more runs. Despite the idea that snowboarding is just sledding standing up, it does seem to require quite a few muscles. I definitely felt the burn.

On reflection, this week was a reality check for me. It reminded me to focus on the big picture, and not stress the day to day numbers. Yes, it’s important for me to have the goal of daily exercise, but the reality is that doesn’t always work out – and it’s much more important for me to enjoy what I am doing and not feel guilty or get resentful when things get in the way of that goal. It’s also important for me to find ways to include my family in some of it – whether that’s taking an afternoon to go sledding, or convincing them to take a hike with me – I want to share my love of movement with them.

Week 5

Monday – School was out for President’s Day, so we drove down from the mountains. I worked for a couple of hours, and then we played board games and got silly as a family. I tried to finish the GIANT carrot cake my hubby bought me for my birthday, but alas, I was conquered by it’s massive size.

Tuesday – Woke up to some Arms, Abs and Attitude with Adriene. It helped me start my official week feeling strong. After work, I got my first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine! I had heard from colleagues to expect fatigue and a SORE arm. They weren’t wrong.

Wednesday – I woke up tired and stayed tired all day. I had a good day at work, despite it ending with a staff meeting which meant there was no afternoon run. (There was also a snow storm which probably would have kept us from running, but it’s more emotionally satisfying to blame the meeting.) All the same, by the time I got home, I was a crying, sobbing mess of a human. A twisted, “Everything is awful” version of the Lego Movie song kept running through my head. Maybe it’s the fatigue from the vaccine, maybe it’s *gestures at everything.*

Thursday – You’d think after crashing and burning and attempting to claim crying as a cardio workout on Wednesday, that Thursday I’d rally. You’d be wrong. There was no rally. It was still a Thursday.

Friday – My mood finally improved and I stopped crying about every single thing. My running squad is quarantined again because of Covid-19 exposure, so I skipped the morning run and planned on just doing the Friday yoga. Instead I caught up with a colleague and discussed class changes next year. I did not make up for it when I got home.

Saturday – I have “gradinpalooza” planned for my weekend. Luckily my hubby is here to remind me to GET OUTSIDE while there is sun. Took a 4 mile walk with the hubby and dog between grading sessions today. It even got warm enough to take off the outer hoodie! All I can think about is late spring and summer – hiking, boating, swimming, cliff jumping, reading in hammocks…

Sunday – Wrapped up gradingpalooza and celebrated by taking the dog for a 4 mile walk to the lake and back. Feeling better. Sunshine and long walks help. The vaccine side-effect blues seem to have waned. My grade book is up to date, literally every single assignment is graded and updated. And, I still have energy. Might go blast some tunes and mess about in the workout corner, or at least vacuum it so I’m not grossed out tomorrow morning when I roll out my mat.

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