Week 3 – Figuring out what feels good

Yes, I stole my title from Adriene Mishler (AKA Yoga with Adriene) – because, let’s face it, that’s what this is about, right? Finding what feels good and right for me (or in your case, for you…) That’s also the thing that will keep us coming back, and help us improve and push through – the fact that what we’re doing feels good.

So, Sunday – I was all dressed and ready for a run when my youngin asked what my plans were, which is their code for “Hey mom, can we do something together?” We opted for our favorite flat-land hike around the back of Carter Lake from the Southern parking lot to the jumping cliffs and back – a 5.5 mile out and back which let us bring the doggo, hide a secret Santa (If you find, it, leave it a companion!), and gave us plenty of time to talk about All The Things.
We got a couple of hours of sunshine, warmed up enough to take off our hoodies and hike in our tank tops, and say a nice goodbye to January.

Monday – back to routine with Adriene’s “Expand” video from her January 30 days of yoga “Breath” series. It was a nice way to start the day – and a great way to start a new month. (Hello, February!) After work, my running squad met up for our 5K jog, this time with bonus cows!
When I got home, I was feeling a little tight, and since this week’s theme is finding what feels good, I popped into my garage to do a little 7 minute post run yoga stretch with Adriene. It’s got me moving again, and ready to make dinner before settling in for some serious essay grading!

Running with the Coos!

Tuesday – Woke up SORE and stiff, so I found one of Adriene’s classics: Yoga for Tired Legs. Best 26 minutes I’ve spent all day (granted it’s 5:30am, so… It’s also the only 26 minutes I’ve spent so far today.)
Note: It continued to be the best 26 of my day. This day was a mess of stress and work and no breaks.

Wednesday – Skipped yoga this morning (which was a mistake) because I had to go into work early to finish grading a ton of stuff. I figured it was okay because I have my afternoon run on Wednesdays, so I’d still get my fix. We did run our usual 5K, this time with bonus headwind! And one of my colleagues, who is clearly more talented than I am even managed to take a phone call on the second half. Truly, she is a phenomenal human.

Thursday – I stayed up late last night grading more things that had a deadline, and then had stress dreams all night about everything else I had to do. Woke up EXHAUSTED this morning. Did not yoga, or do any sort of work out. By the end of the day I was trying to figure out what I had done on Thursday, thinking Thursday was yesterday, but realized it was still today and that’s why everything felt weird. Finally went to sleep consoled that tomorrow was a Friday and I would most likely end the week having survived it.

Friday – Nailed the morning 5K with my squad and then did Friday Wellness Yoga with the staff. After that the day descended into chaos. Ended the day with a scheduled followed up with my Dr. about my heart weirdness. We did an EKG which showed that I should get an Echocardiogram. So, I’m setting up that appointment. She also wants to me get a heart monitor for a couple of weeks, which I’m not sure I’m going to do. (Feel free to weigh in in the comments. It sounds weird and tedious and… I’m just not sure it will tell us anything that the echo won’t, but if anyone knows something I don’t, I’m willing to listen.)

Saturday – Took the dog, and his cat, for a walk to the park. Played ball until it got too cold. Then I went for a drive in the mountains to clear my head. It was headed down some dark, tangled paths, so I drove some dark, twisty roads until I found my way clear again.

Sunday – Woke up NEEDING to stretch, so I hit the mat and did some Low back and Hamstring Yoga with Adriene, which turned out to also stretch my heart a little. I have been finding that during the week I start pretty open, but as the week progresses and the hits start coming, I tend to curl in more and more and I think that’s why by Thursday I don’t feel like exercising, I’m too busy protecting myself from the next blow. With that in mind, perhaps I need to end my Tuesdays and Wednesdays with some boxing to get rid of the hurt so I can re-open on Thursdays. I’m hoping to take a hike or a long walk with the hubby this afternoon. If we go, it’ll be the start of next week’s post!

Hope you all took some time to figure out what feels good for you this week. And hey, if you know any teachers, check in on them – chances are, they’re not as all right as they’re pretending to be.

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