Week 2 – Keeping it going

This week, an interesting article about the exercise/movement habits of indigenous people kept coming up. It debunks some modern myths about exercise, sitting, and staying healthy. One of my key takeaways was that while it’s been really helpful for me to be intentional about moving/exercising in specific ways everyday, it might actually be more important to be intentional about just interrupting my stillness throughout the day. I have a standing desk, so that helps, but with hybrid classes, I’m pretty tied to my podium and I’m not supposed to move around my classroom like in the before times. But, I can make a point of pacing the front area when students are working independently. I can make a point of walking around the building on my off blocks and at lunch, etc. I can make a point to move a little bit more often, in addition to my focused workouts.

Monday – Deep Stretch Yoga with Adriene to help recover from snowboarding (mostly the falling). Then, back to my Monday afternoon run with my squad. We did 3.2 miles at a super slow pace. I blame the headwind – and my sore, stiff muscles. I walked about 1/4 mile, but then sprinted to catch up to the team and finish with them, so I feel good overall. Honestly, it reminded me that I’ve always been more of a sprinter. The slow jogging KILLS me, but when I can pick up the pace a little and find that smooth longer gait, I just… flow.

Tuesday – Home – Day 7 – Stretch Yoga with Adriene. I chose this video because the description said it included a little self-massage, and oof, I am sore and NEED that! I was not disappointed, though I did add a little extra happy baby and a butterfly with a foot massage to the end of mine.

Wednesday – Power Yoga Break with Adriene. I needed a video that would warm me up and energize me, without breaking me. I figured a short power yoga ditty would do the trick. It definitely hit the spot. I am warm, motivated, and energized for my day.
This afternoon, instead of going for our usual run, because we both had to leave early for appointments, my colleague and I did a 30 minute workout together in her room. (Masks on, on opposite sides of the room.) She had been telling me about an Australian couple she found on YouTube that she enjoyed, so she queued up one of their videos and we did their Low Impact, High Intensity video for intermediate folk.
What I like about this video is that it keeps you moving, but every 20 seconds it changes things up so that you never get too burnt in one area, or too bored. It brings the heat, but keeps the flame moving, if I’m going to lean on my English teacher metaphors… And, clearly, I am.

Thursday – Clearly Thursdays are my crash days. While I didn’t spend this one crying uncontrollably, it’s only because I lied to myself and said it was okay to not workout in the morning because I would do something on my plan block (spoiler, I did not) or after school (spoiler, I did not do that either.) I did, however, run up two flights of stairs carrying several sleds, so… better than nothing?
That said, I also remembered why I workout in the morning, it is literally the only time I get to myself, and being an introvert, I need time to myself to recharge so that I can human around people again. Oops.

Friday – I woke up to a text from my running partner asking if I was okay with bundling up for a cold morning run. Heck yes, my lady! I threw on my fleece lined leggings, tossed my regular running pants over them, put on my warmest shirt, some gloves and my grinch hat, and away we ran. We did our full 5K and then popped into “Wellness Friday,” the Friday morning yoga session for staff run by our school’s awesome PE and Health teacher.
As soon as I got back to my classroom, my doctor called to follow up with my about my heart freak outs. We had a nice conversation that basically left things at: If I can wake up and run 5K three days a week – and that feels fine, it’s probably not a heart attack or asthma. I am the 5th post-covid patient she has had almost this exact conversation with. (The biggest difference is that I am running/working out and her others have not been.) The fact that this heart/chest thing happens when we are rest is weird. The only thing that fits is acid-reflux, but since none of us have a history of that, and the 3 of us keeping eating journals can’t spot a pattern. The two times it was bad enough for me to call a doctor, I hadn’t eaten in hours, and what I had eaten earlier wasn’t fried, or spicy, or acidic, or any of the things that would normally trigger acid-reflux. So, her guess is – whatever it is, it probably isn’t going to kill me suddenly. It is probably related to Covid-19. (I’m calling it my Covid Aftershocks.) But she’s asked me to come in for some more tests mostly to try to get more data about what is happening in case we can turn up something useful.

Saturday – Gorgeous day with the sun shining. Went to Boulder with my youngin’ to shop for some Middle Eastern and Indian food at their specialty markets. Came home and took the dog for a walk to the park. Granted, he did most of the walking, but I got outside, got moving and got myself motivated to do more after I make dinner.

The Dorkalope in his natural habitat
The Dorkalope in his natural state.

If you’ve made it this far, and you’d like to support me and my students, I am trying to buy a set of  Maria Dahvana Headley’s new translation of Beowulf for my Freshman class. I would be honored if you ordered a copy from my wishlist to help my students get access to this phenomenal text! If I can get 32 copies, my Honors class can read it. If I get 150 copies, ALL of my Freshman will be able to read it.

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