Finding Yourself in “Them” – The Butterfly Mosque

I've always intended to read the Koran/Quran. It's the one major religious text that I have not yet read. After reading The Butterfly Mosque by G. Willow Wilson, I realize it's time to change that. It's oddly harder than it should be to pick up a copy at the local bookstore. While Target and Walmart stock... Continue Reading →

Insanely Sane and Furiously Happy

I have a new favorite book, and no surprise, it's by Jenny Lawson aka The Bloggess. Despite following The Bloggess across the interwebs for several years now, and purchasing her coloring book when it first came out (despite the fact that I can't color in it because coloring stresses me out), this is the first book... Continue Reading →

Breathe in – stay lifted

Yesterday my family and I went boating on Boyd Lake with my brother-in-law and nephew on their little speed boat. We planned to go for 2 hours, which became 4, which became sunburns and sore muscles. How do you get sore muscles speed boating? Easy, sign up to get dragged around behind the boat while... Continue Reading →

Miller Rock – A 6 Mile View

This morning the hubs and I woke up, ate a quick breakfast, made a couple of sandwiches and headed into the mountains with the doggo. I had just learned that we'd been doing our favorite hike all wrong for the past 8 years, and I wanted to remedy that. I'd been exploring some short, quick... Continue Reading →

One Day at a Time

I'm starting this near the beginning. Two weeks into the story, a story that I hope lasts several years. I'm in training, you see, for a walk across America. The walk isn't scheduled for another 6 years, so I have plenty of time, but also, I'll be pushing 47 when we set out, so... I... Continue Reading →

Straight Outta Hate

Over Thanksgiving Break I read two books back to back that I feel have to be discussed in tandem. They worked so beautifully together and I have become an evangelist for both of them. Inevitably, any discussion I have about one leads into conversation about the other. That said, you don't have to read them... Continue Reading →

Trespassing to Freedom, Part 2

America is, by many accounts and estimations, the "land of the free and the home of the brave." A few people have challenged that view in both large and small ways, from my foreign exchange student from Brazil who asked in a recent socratic seminar, "Why do you say it as if you are the... Continue Reading →

Trespassing to Freedom

I just finished reading two books back to back, and I want to talk about both of them, but I feel like they each deserve their own spotlight, and then maybe after, I'll be able to follow-up with a post that brings them together. The first book I read is called The Girl with Seven Names:... Continue Reading →

Confronting All American Racism

In the past couple of years I have read The Hate U Give, How it Went Down, Dear Martin, Monster,  Growing up X,  Long Way Down, The Poet X, and Ta-Nehesi Coates's Between the World and Me to name a few. Meanwhile All American Boys has sat on my shelf, staring at me, wondering when they day would... Continue Reading →

The Good Demon

Here's the non-spoilery portion of this review - The Good Demon by Jimmy Cajoleas is a good read. It's engaging. It's interesting. It's a wicked cool premise with a "rural urban fantasy" feel. By that I mean, it has that gritty urban fantasy feel, but it's set in a modern rural area. Clare is our protagonist.... Continue Reading →

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